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Our Teaching Method

Everyone has a different learning style. Some like reading, others like graphics. 

No matter the style, we all learn according to "Aristotle's tryptych" which says you learn best from repetition. 

"Tell them what you are going to tell them. 

Then tell them.

Then tell them what you told them."

~ Aristotle   ~

"Then ask them to tell you what you told them"

~ Drone School by Synergy UAS ~




The FAA releases sample questions from its question bank and has subject codes linked to a document called the Airman Certification Standards (ACS).

The ACS outlines the subjects to be tested and the degree of knowledge required to be issued a Remote Pilot Certificate with Small UAS Rating. 

Every topic is keyed to ACS based on published question bank.

Part 107 Course

FAA Part 107

Remote Pilot Certificate Course

In order to legally use a drone for commercial purposes, a drone pilot must possess a valid pilot certificate issued in accordance with 49 CFR 107. Developed for new drone pilots. This course will teach you everything you need to know to take and pass the FAA Remote Pilot with Small UAS Rating Aeronautical Knowledge Test.  Read More


“I took this course unsure if it would be any good but found it to be excellent.

I passed" Tony P.

“I really liked the repetitive features. The bold underline use identified the key terms which was then asked on the quiz and then again on the final exam. " Ken W.


"Relatively easy to use.  Better graphics (ie interactive portions/maps) would be helpful." Tim B.

"Very informative and lots of information needed. Its a easy way to understand" David M.

I like the repetitive nature of the quizzes. It seemed to help make things stick. Dave W.

FAR 107 Test Info
Course Outline Mobile
Course Outline
Test Question
Word Matching
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer
Course Intro
True False Questions

FAR Part 107 requires applicants to take and pass the Airman Knowledge Test administered by an approved Knowledge Testing Center.

Preparation of the test is very easy for those holding an FAA Pilots Certificate. However, for those who have absolutely no experience or are new to FAA, the study material provided are adequate to get you going but the quantity of information can be daunting. The FAA refers you to;

  • Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge

  • Advisory Circular AC 107-2

  • Aviation Weather Handbook

  • Remote Pilot – Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Study Guide.

These study guides are very good but, what you really need is a focused explanation of  tested material. 

WE GIVE YOU WHAT YOU NEED by highlighting what is likely to be tested and what is not. We can do this because of our experience with FAA knowledge testing.

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