August 4, 2017

Do not fly so as to create a hazard to other (Manned & Unmanned) aircraft

Do not fly near or above clouds 

Be vigilant of helicopters and crop dusters
Descend or land when you encounter approaching manned aircraft.

Maintain safe distance from persons, vehicles, structu...

July 19, 2017

Each year, the FAA publishes their FAA Aerospace Forecast. The latest was published this year reflecting the actual number of Drone Pilot licenses at 20,362 certificates issued as of Dec 31, 2016. 

A few years ago, the FAA did not think the commercial drone industry wou...

July 18, 2017

Title 14 → Chapter I → Subchapter F → Part 107

This is how part 107 is organized under the Code of Federal Regulations. It is also known by it's legal citation 14 CFR 107, but to those who operate under the reg, it's affectionately known as FAR Part...

May 2, 2016

The proposed rule will be designated FAR 107 and is applicable to UAS systems that weigh 55lbs or less.

As stated in the summary:

"The FAA is proposing to amend its regulations to adopt specific rules to allow the operation of small unmanned aircraft systems in the N...

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